Incase you missed them, catch up on all of Astralis’ matches from StarSeries Season 3

SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 – Astralis VODs

Astralis vs ClG

Astralis vs North

Astralis vs Fnatic

Astralis vs SK

Quarter Finals: Astralis vs CLG Map 1, Map 2

Semi Finals: Astralis vs Navi Map 1, Map 2

Grand Finals: Astralis vs Faze Map 1, Map 2, Map 3




A new rivalry is born with Faze taking the Victory over Astralis in the StarSeries Final.

Astralis gave it their all, but unfortunately came up short in the final rounds of over-time. Being defeated by Faze in the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals.

Game 1

The first map was played on Faze’s pick of Mirage and it proved to be a pretty back and forth map with no team really running away with a lead. Faze kicked it off by winning the pistol, but Astralis took the next round.

Clutches and high-level gameplay came from both teams and Faze ended the half in the lead 7-8.

Faze again won the pistol in the second half and broke away with the lead 7-11 before Dev1ce clutched a 1v3 with a stolen AWP.

The rounds continued to be traded but it was a forcebuy which Astralis won, resetting Faze, leading to a tied score of 13-13.

Rounds went back and forth until the score was tied up again on 14-14. Faze opted to forcebuy out of desperation and in turn gave Astralis match point. Faze having next to no money going into the final round, Astralis managed to win the first map 16-14.

Game 2

Map 2 was Astralis’ choice, Nuke. Astralis started on the T side but Faze’s pistol power came out on top starting with a 0-4 lead over Astralis. Astralis won their first gun-round and strung together three rounds bringing the scoreline to 3-4. Faze managed to overpower them again and took a 3-8 lead.

Astralis called a pause going into the 12th round after Faze were proving to be a rather solid CT side on Nuke. Nevertheless, Faze had Nuke under their control and finished the half with a 4-11 scoreline.

Faze took yet another pistol and quickly secured match point before Astralis could even respond. Astralis managed to get two rounds on the board before Faze took the map at 6-16. Fazed proved to be a top team with a decisive win over Astralis and forcing the 3rd map.

Game 3

Map 3 was on Inferno with Astralis starting on the CT side. It started off great with Astralis taking the pistol, but Faze responded with three consecutive rounds of their own. Astralis answered back and then so did Faze, bringing the score to 2-4 in favor of Faze.

Astralis decided to forcebuy into round 7 with the tournament on the line. Luckily for them, they read the round perfectly and it paid off making it 3-4. Then just like Xyp9x does, he held his own and got 4 kills leading to a round victory and resetting Faze at 4-4.

Astralis were fired up now on the CT side and looking to be back in form with both sites seeming to be impenetrable. A very confident looking Astralis closed out the half with a 10-5 scoreline.

Faze opened up the second half by taking the pistol, which was no surprise, and the 2nd round closing the gap between the two teams, now at 10-7.

Astralis responded with two rounds of their own trying to establish a lead, but Faze wouldn’t let up and took the immediate round with the score now being 12-8.

Astralis called for a pause hoping to figure out how to break away from Faze. However, Faze were having none of it and took two rouds making it 12-10, inching ever closer to Astralis.

Even under all the pressure and Faze trailing right behind them, Astralis kept their cool and remained focused. Especially Kjearbye, who stayed ice-cold to win their second consecutive round making it 14-10.

Faze showed they could also preform under pressure when it mattered and took a round, resetting Astralis and forcing them to eco, which lead to 14-13.

On the back of a double eco, Astralis managed to secure match point, but again Faze was relentless and immediately responded with a round win.

Astralis called a pause at 15-14 hoping to close it out before over-time. Faze was in it for the long haul and tied up the game forcing it into just that, over-time.

Over-time was very even with Astralis leading 17-16 after the first 3 rounds, but in the end Faze broke their economy and Astralis just ran out of money. Faze was able to take the win over Astralis with the final score being 17-19.

Fazed proved to be a worthy opponent and definitely deserved to win the series.

Catch the matches on Star Ladder’s YouTube.


Astralis set to face Faze in the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals after defeating Navi.

Astralis defeat Navi 2:0 advancing to the  SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals where they will face off against Faze.

Game 1

The first map of the Bo3 Semi Finals was played on Overpass being picked by Navi. Overpass being one of Astralis’ best maps proved to be true.

Although the match started off fairly even with the score being 5-4 in Astralis’ favor going into the 10th round. It was a very clutch 3 kills by Dev1ce that really helped Astralis kick it up a notch and get the momentum rolling.

It was after this moment that Astralis were fired up and ready to go, closing out the half 11-4 against Navi.

Coming into the second half Navi did take the pistol round, but Astralis responded with an explosive Tech 9 B rush taking back control.

Astralis kept composure through the second half despite giving up a few close rounds, but in the end Astralis took the victory over Navi 16-8.

Game 2

The 2nd map was played on Astralis’ pick which was Nuke. Astralis did manage to take the first round, but Navi wasn’t giving up that easy with the first few rounds being traded.

Once again, Astralis’ synergy proved to be too strong completely running away with the half securing another 11-4 lead at half-time.

The second half was not as convincing as the first. Astralis did manage to take the first two rounds, but Navi had to do something if they wanted a fighting chance and that they did.

Navi turned it around and took 6 rounds in a row, definitely applying some pressure to Astralis. Gla1ve called a tactical timeout going into the 24th round with the score now being 13-10 in Astralis’ favor.

With that tactical timeout Astralis took a moment to focus and get their heads back in the game. Whatever was said during the timeout was enough as Astralis closed out the match winning the next three rounds and moving onto the Finals defeating Navi 16-10.

If you missed the matches you can watch them on Star Ladder’s YouTube.


Astralis are ready to face off against Navi to secure a place in the Finals

After defeating CLG 2:0 and advancing to the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Semi Finals. Astralis will have to defeat Navi in order to keep the run alive.

Astralis seem confident in their abilities but know they will have to be on point to close it out against Navi, especially after CLG made it a bit more difficult than most would have guessed.

“Professeur” who writes for asked Dupreeh how he feels going into the match against Navi.

Usually, we have a really good match up against Na`Vi, they are playing pretty well this tournament and I think they are in one of their better forms that they have been lately. GuardiaN has started to hit his shots and in general, they are starting to play better as a team.

I think we have a really big advantage in the veto though, that’s what I feel at least. I think it is going to be a good matchup tomorrow no matter what. It’s going to be hard as always, we always play close with them. If we have better conditions tomorrow and we don’t have to sit around the entire day, wait for the rest to play, the amount of time we have to go home and prepare, mentally as well, will result in a good matchup. Also, I think our playstyle fits well against Na`Vi’s.  – Dupreeh

Source via HLTV

Hopefully Astralis has what it takes to take it all the way.

Catch the match on Star Ladder scheduled to start at 14:30 CET

Astralis to play Navi in Semi Finals after defeating CLG

Astralis defeat CLG 2:0 and advance to the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Semi Finals, after what looked like to be a few tough matches. Astralis will be facing Navi in the Semi Finals.

Game 1

Astralis started the Bo3 on Cache, CLG’s pick, which seemed evident at the beginning as CLG managed to pick up the first 6 rounds. Astralis called in a pause down 6-0 and responded with a fast hit onto the A site, clinching their first round. However, Rickeh from CLG manged to kill 3 players on their exit, damaging Astralis’ economy.

Dev1ce responded the following round by getting 3 clean kills with the AWP and taking back some control, resetting CLG to pistols. These two rounds back-to-back allowed Astralis back into the game, despite starting off so poorly. They closed out the half at 9-6 in CLG’s favor.

Much like yesterdays game against SK on Train, Astralis’ CT-side proved to be too strong of a defense. Astralis seemed to shift into a higher gear, taking 7 straight rounds before CLG managed to win one round on their T-side. Bringing the score to 10-13 in Astralis’ favor.

Astralis easily closed out the game with CLG taking only 2 rounds in the second half bringing the final score to 16-11.

Game 2

After a somewhat closer game than what most people expected, the second map was to be played on Astralis’ pick, Inferno. Astralis opted to start on the CT-side but CLG once again proved to be worthy opponents.

CLG won the pistol and took the first 3 rounds, but in the 4th round Xyp9x had something to say yet again with another 4 kills while holding the B site, giving Astralis there first round on the 2nd map.

The first half was very back and forth with CLG looking pretty tough and Astralis appeared to be struggling at some points. The half-time score was 8-7 in CLG’s favor, so Astralis would be starting on the back foot in the second half.

CLG again took the first 3 rounds, but this time Gla1ve the Team Leader took inspiration from Xyp9x and got himself 4 kills snagging the first round of the second half, with Astralis trailing at 11-8.

In Astralis fashion, they remained disciplined and never gave up, fighting their way back into the game. After a tough few rounds Astralis manage to secure the victory against CLG with the final score being 16-13.

With this victory, Astralis secured their place in the Semi Finals where they will Face off against Navi.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to catch all the live action on Star Ladder or catch up on all the action you missed on Star Ladder’s YouTube.

Astralis Advance to the Quater Finals over SK

After a very solid CT side during the 2nd half, Astralis takes the win over SK and advance to the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Quarter Finals where they will face CLG in a Bo3.

The match started off a bit shaky with SK winning the pistol and securing a 3-0 lead over Astralis. Despite this and even Dev1ce accidentally killing Kjearbye, Astralis didn’t make it easy for SK going back and forth. They ended up on a 10-5 scoreline at half-time in SK’s favor.

The 2nd half on Train was a different story with Astralis taking the pistol round and easily tying it up on 10-10. SK weren’t giving up though and managed to secure their first round on the Terrorist side. However, Xyp9x had something to say tying the score again at 11-11 with an impressive 4 kills while taking 0 points of damage.

Astralis closed the match out at 16-12 and won the 2nd half very convincingly with SK only taking two rounds.

Astralis are now looking forward to the Quarter Final where they will face off against CLG. Astralis have already beaten CLG once at the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 earlier on in the series.

Astralis aren’t taking it easy though and are prepared for a tough match.

You can catch the match on Star Ladder at 18:00 CET

If you missed Astralis vs SK you can watch it on Star Ladder.