Astralis 2:0 HellRaisers in ESL Pro League.

With a very solid CT side on Overpass and a level head on Mirage, Astralis defeated HellRaisers 2:0 in ESL Pro League Season 5.

Game 1

The first map against HellRaisers was played on Overpass and Astralis started on the T side. Kjaerbye got off to a great start, managing to stop HellRaisers from defusing the bomb while on 1 hp.

Astralis then took the first 3 rounds before HellRaisers put two points on the board, looking to hopefully break Astralis and gain a lead. On the back of a forcebuy Xyp9x gets 3 kills completely shutting down HellRaisers’ plans and leading to a round victory.

The rest of the first half was traded back and forth. Astralis ended up coming out ahead at half-time with an 8-7 lead over HellRaisers.

The second half was a different story. With Astralis being on the CT side, HellRaisers could not find the answer in order to break through Astralis’ defenses. Astralis took the map with ease finishing on a 16-9 scoreline.

Game 2

Map two was played on Mirage with Astralis starting on the CT side. HellRaisers took the first 3 rounds, but once Astralis got a proper gun round they managed to get ahead to a 7-3 lead.

HellRaisers weren’t going to let Astralis completely dominate them again like last game. They both traded rounds back and forth before ending on another half-time score of 8-7 in favor of Astralis.

HellRaisers came out of the gates blazing in the second half taking the pistol round, which lead to HellRaisers winning 6 consecutive rounds making the score 8-13.

After some very close rounds being traded, Astralis brought it back to a 1 point difference at 13-14 in favor of HellRaisers. By this point in the game, HellRaisers had very little economy to work with. Due to HellRaisers’ lack of money, Astralis were able to take the last two rounds defeating HellRaisers 16-14.

Bonus footage of Dev1ce being a god!