A new rivalry is born with Faze taking the Victory over Astralis in the StarSeries Final.

Astralis gave it their all, but unfortunately came up short in the final rounds of over-time. Being defeated by Faze in the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals.

Game 1

The first map was played on Faze’s pick of Mirage and it proved to be a pretty back and forth map with no team really running away with a lead. Faze kicked it off by winning the pistol, but Astralis took the next round.

Clutches and high-level gameplay came from both teams and Faze ended the half in the lead 7-8.

Faze again won the pistol in the second half and broke away with the lead 7-11 before Dev1ce clutched a 1v3 with a stolen AWP.

The rounds continued to be traded but it was a forcebuy which Astralis won, resetting Faze, leading to a tied score of 13-13.

Rounds went back and forth until the score was tied up again on 14-14. Faze opted to forcebuy out of desperation and in turn gave Astralis match point. Faze having next to no money going into the final round, Astralis managed to win the first map 16-14.

Game 2

Map 2 was Astralis’ choice, Nuke. Astralis started on the T side but Faze’s pistol power came out on top starting with a 0-4 lead over Astralis. Astralis won their first gun-round and strung together three rounds bringing the scoreline to 3-4. Faze managed to overpower them again and took a 3-8 lead.

Astralis called a pause going into the 12th round after Faze were proving to be a rather solid CT side on Nuke. Nevertheless, Faze had Nuke under their control and finished the half with a 4-11 scoreline.

Faze took yet another pistol and quickly secured match point before Astralis could even respond. Astralis managed to get two rounds on the board before Faze took the map at 6-16. Fazed proved to be a top team with a decisive win over Astralis and forcing the 3rd map.

Game 3

Map 3 was on Inferno with Astralis starting on the CT side. It started off great with Astralis taking the pistol, but Faze responded with three consecutive rounds of their own. Astralis answered back and then so did Faze, bringing the score to 2-4 in favor of Faze.

Astralis decided to forcebuy into round 7 with the tournament on the line. Luckily for them, they read the round perfectly and it paid off making it 3-4. Then just like Xyp9x does, he held his own and got 4 kills leading to a round victory and resetting Faze at 4-4.

Astralis were fired up now on the CT side and looking to be back in form with both sites seeming to be impenetrable. A very confident looking Astralis closed out the half with a 10-5 scoreline.

Faze opened up the second half by taking the pistol, which was no surprise, and the 2nd round closing the gap between the two teams, now at 10-7.

Astralis responded with two rounds of their own trying to establish a lead, but Faze wouldn’t let up and took the immediate round with the score now being 12-8.

Astralis called for a pause hoping to figure out how to break away from Faze. However, Faze were having none of it and took two rouds making it 12-10, inching ever closer to Astralis.

Even under all the pressure and Faze trailing right behind them, Astralis kept their cool and remained focused. Especially Kjearbye, who stayed ice-cold to win their second consecutive round making it 14-10.

Faze showed they could also preform under pressure when it mattered and took a round, resetting Astralis and forcing them to eco, which lead to 14-13.

On the back of a double eco, Astralis managed to secure match point, but again Faze was relentless and immediately responded with a round win.

Astralis called a pause at 15-14 hoping to close it out before over-time. Faze was in it for the long haul and tied up the game forcing it into just that, over-time.

Over-time was very even with Astralis leading 17-16 after the first 3 rounds, but in the end Faze broke their economy and Astralis just ran out of money. Faze was able to take the win over Astralis with the final score being 17-19.

Fazed proved to be a worthy opponent and definitely deserved to win the series.

Catch the matches on Star Ladder’s YouTube.



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