Astralis set to face Faze in the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals after defeating Navi.

Astralis defeat Navi 2:0 advancing to the  SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals where they will face off against Faze.

Game 1

The first map of the Bo3 Semi Finals was played on Overpass being picked by Navi. Overpass being one of Astralis’ best maps proved to be true.

Although the match started off fairly even with the score being 5-4 in Astralis’ favor going into the 10th round. It was a very clutch 3 kills by Dev1ce that really helped Astralis kick it up a notch and get the momentum rolling.

It was after this moment that Astralis were fired up and ready to go, closing out the half 11-4 against Navi.

Coming into the second half Navi did take the pistol round, but Astralis responded with an explosive Tech 9 B rush taking back control.

Astralis kept composure through the second half despite giving up a few close rounds, but in the end Astralis took the victory over Navi 16-8.

Game 2

The 2nd map was played on Astralis’ pick which was Nuke. Astralis did manage to take the first round, but Navi wasn’t giving up that easy with the first few rounds being traded.

Once again, Astralis’ synergy proved to be too strong completely running away with the half securing another 11-4 lead at half-time.

The second half was not as convincing as the first. Astralis did manage to take the first two rounds, but Navi had to do something if they wanted a fighting chance and that they did.

Navi turned it around and took 6 rounds in a row, definitely applying some pressure to Astralis. Gla1ve called a tactical timeout going into the 24th round with the score now being 13-10 in Astralis’ favor.

With that tactical timeout Astralis took a moment to focus and get their heads back in the game. Whatever was said during the timeout was enough as Astralis closed out the match winning the next three rounds and moving onto the Finals defeating Navi 16-10.

If you missed the matches you can watch them on Star Ladder’s YouTube.



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