Astralis Advance to the Quater Finals over SK

After a very solid CT side during the 2nd half, Astralis takes the win over SK and advance to the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Quarter Finals where they will face CLG in a Bo3.

The match started off a bit shaky with SK winning the pistol and securing a 3-0 lead over Astralis. Despite this and even Dev1ce accidentally killing Kjearbye, Astralis didn’t make it easy for SK going back and forth. They ended up on a 10-5 scoreline at half-time in SK’s favor.

The 2nd half on Train was a different story with Astralis taking the pistol round and easily tying it up on 10-10. SK weren’t giving up though and managed to secure their first round on the Terrorist side. However, Xyp9x had something to say tying the score again at 11-11 with an impressive 4 kills while taking 0 points of damage.

Astralis closed the match out at 16-12 and won the 2nd half very convincingly with SK only taking two rounds.

Astralis are now looking forward to the Quarter Final where they will face off against CLG. Astralis have already beaten CLG once at the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 earlier on in the series.

Astralis aren’t taking it easy though and are prepared for a tough match.

You can catch the match on Star Ladder at 18:00 CET

If you missed Astralis vs SK you can watch it on Star Ladder.


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